Vickery Meadow’s ‘Trans.lation Market” Installation PoPUp! 

A Rick Lowe ‘Nasher Xchange’ project preview 

1-5pm ‘open house’ Sept. 14, 15 and Sept. 21, 22. 

(next to the ‘Amsterdam Bar)

Find out what is going on, who is involved, how it works, and how YOU can become involved (as a volunteer, participant, contributor, observer) in this bold experiment to effect change in the cultural dynamics of Dallas.

Houston-based artist Rick Lowe is internationally respected for one of the most successful community art projects in the world, Project Row Houses, located in Houston’s Third Ward neighborhood. For his Nasher XChange commission, Lowe is working with an eclectic group of artists, community organizers, designers, and residents to highlight and translate the cultural diversity of Vickery Meadow as an asset. Through a series of workshops and gatherings with residents, Lowe and the Trans.lation team are identifying residents’ creative strengths and connecting them with local artists for collaboration and mentorship to ultimately engender opportunity and entrepreneurship. Trans.lation will facilitate a new vision of what public space and interaction could look like in Vickery Meadow

Lowe has visited Dallas multiple times to hold community meetings with residents and property owners, who have shared an overwhelming desire to feel more connected to each other and to the city of Dallas, outside of Vickery Meadow. Lowe considers the research process by which he connects with and learns about a community to be an integral part of his art.

As many as 27 languages are spoken by almost 30,000 people in this small but diverse neighborhood. Refugees from around the world, including several Asian and African countries, are settled in the area by organizations such as the International Rescue Committee, Refugee Services of Texas and the resettlement services of the Catholic Charities of Dallas.

Sara Mokuria 214-454-3980 sara.mokuria@utdallas.edu
Greg Metz 214-364-8435 glmetz23@utdallas.edu 

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